Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading articles, blogs, reviews, etc that go back and forth on if Windows 7 will be the OS that gets people to upgrade from Windows XP and\or Vista.

Time to throw my 2 Gil into the mix.

There is one feature alone that I think makes Windows 7 a VERY compelling choice.  Powershell Version 2 baked in.  The amount of resources Microsoft is throwing behind Powershell is impressive and there are some that don’t fully understand why they should learn Powershell.  Here’s the deal.  Powershell support will be in everything moving forward.  If you manage a Windows based environment, you will want to know Powershell and have Powershell installed on everything.  With Windows 7, Powershell is there and waiting for commands.

Pre-Windows 7 you have to install Powershell V1, figure out how you are going to do remote management (Powershell Server is a VERY good choice for this) and keep on top of new machines coming into the environment.  Yes, you can use RIS\WDS, Group Policy, System Center Configuration Manager 2007, 3rd Party tools to do this for you but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about it?

Powershell everywhere, all the time is going to be a godsend for IT Administrators.  Windows 7 is the next step in that direction.  To me, that is the compelling reason.