I’m having my first sleepless night of 2009 thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.  Some personal. some work related.

  1. Complete "Version 2" of our automation solution at work.  "Version 1" has been focused purely around building a solid Powershell framework and has us moving in the right direction.  Looking at VMWare Lab Manager to really take it to the next level.
  2. Get some paperwork behind my knowledge.  Targets are CCNA, MCSA/E and MCAD.  I tend to learn stuff without taking tests to show I know the subject.  I think employers would rather have experience over certs but the wife wants me to get them anyways.  Better keep her happy 😉
  3. Start digging into a couple technologies that I use but am not intimate with.  These include C#, SQL Query, ASP.NET, Web Services.  Just those (and of course Powershell) should keep me busy this year.
  4. Get some landscaping done around the house.  Dirt and rocks are getting really boring to look at.  Need to spice things up a bit.
  5. Teach my son how to play all the sports I know.  Time to start finding out which ones he likes or is good at.
  6. Do what I can to help my wife get through another year of school on her way to a degree.