So far so good with Powershell Server from nSoftware.  Found a couple issues but for the most part it is handling just about everything we throw at it.  We rely heavily on remote runspaces and the performance seems to be better than remoting in CTP1 of Powershell.
The really nice thing about Powershell Server that I have been enjoying is the event logs.  Every command that is run in a remote runspace is logged which makes troubleshooting and debugging much easier.  We had a script that was throwing a strange error and when I went to check what was being run on the remote side I noticed that a variable wasn’t making it to the other side.  Come to find out the string being sent over was double quoted without escaping the variable by mistake.
Overall, I am pleased with Powershell Server.  Good features.  Good price.  Support has been responsive.  It is looking like this will get us by until V2 of Powershell goes gold.
Part 3 I will attempt to use CTP3 of Powershell over Powershell Server to overcome the lack of support for remoting on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.