On TweetGrid I noticed Jeffrey Snover ask someone to blog about what they would have liked to see in the latest drop of the Powershell ISE.  He didn’t ask me, but I’ll blog about it anyway. 😉


  • Expand/Collapse of:
    • Comments
    • Functions
    • Regions
    • All
  • Import/Export/Customization of Environment Settings (much like Visual Studio)
    • I really really really like to code in this environment
    • Use Visual Studio format so they are interchangeable.
  • Indication of Opening/Closing Brackets,Parenthesis,Scriptblocks,etc
    • When the cursor is next to the opening, the closing is also highlighted.
  • Full XML editor support (Pulled from MSDN)
    • Design time well-formedness and validation errors.
    • Context-sensitive Intellisense.
    • Validation support for Schema, DTD, and XDR.
  • Intellisense, Intellisense, Intellisense
    • I think we all know what’s needed here.  Intellisense on everything.  The more the merrier.
  • Dockable panels
    • Current Runspace Variables
    • Properties