Played with WinRS and Powershell today.  Got most of it working but had some problems with authentication and remote machines.  I thought I was giving it the right syntax but it didn’t agree with me.  Gonna have to play with it some more soon.
Ok.  Now the reason I am playing with WinRS.  At work we decided to give Powershell V2 CTP1 a test drive.  Well, that test drive turned into "Wow, this thing is so cool we should create a framework around it!".  Did I not learn anything from Episode 21 of the Powerscripting Podcast and banking on early bits?  Totally the wrong move and now there is a small issue that has come up that is keeping our automation framework from being rock solid.  For some reason Powershell crashes randomly when executing a remote command.  Not sure yet which command(s) but I think it’s something to do with the Write-Host Cmdlet and it’s really the only thing holding up my project right now.  Note to self:  Listen to Jeffrey when he speaks.